Friday, October 1, 2010

the six o'clock evening hour

dear arizona family and friends,
we really miss you.
we're having fun and enjoying ourselves though.
we're learning things about our new home. for example, the driveway is much steeper than what we're use to and apparently that can make for sad little accidents. hence gage's fancy new half-joker smile.

also, six o'clock is a grand time of day to enjoy the outdoors. and there is plenty to enjoy.

and who would have known that not all lizards are brown? (gage found a bright green one in his swimmin' shorts last night...)

we are adjusting and getting use to matt's schedule. so many things are changing and like i've mentioned before, me and change, not great friends. but i know this is what our little family needs right now and that makes it easier.

happy first day of october!



JDButler Family said...

awwww!!! I can't open the pictures on my phone...
we miss you guys...

Mandi said...

Good grief! Dallas is beautiful, but it's got nothin' on Longview as far as I can tell. I can't wait to come and see you sometime! It sounds like you guys are doing good. Hang in there my friend. You are doing a great job! What a fun mom. Love you!

{nicole coombs} said...

Wow its so beautiful. I am jealous! Are there any empty houses by you for us?? :)
Love ya-