Saturday, October 23, 2010

good mood blogging

meet michelle.

michelle is a fellow blogger and has been a friend of the hubby's since high school. they went to school together in heber and afterwards she moved to beautiful flagstaff, arizona where she attended college and more recently found herself a hubby.

well michelle is now trying to score super sweet job and she needs some help getting it. Nature Made SAM-e Complete is looking for their next Good Mood Blogger and the first round is based entirely on votes. only 20 applicants with the most votes will move on to round two. all you have to do is click on the badge on my sidebar and then click through to vote. (that's it, seriously.) a painless five seconds of your life, i promise.

and if you'd really like to get into it, you can vote daily from every browser, phone and wireless connection. just sayin.

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Gooseberried said...

Thanks again, lady! :)