Wednesday, October 20, 2010

no kids in texas

i've had more than a few complaints due to the lack of blogging going on here. sorry folks. truth is we've been busy. we certainly haven't been busy doing anything too important though. here's a confession for you, our days have been starting sometime after eight in the morning. we have become snoozy little bed bugs. part of me is ready to insist on a schedule. the other part is saying, chill lady...enjoy it while you can. i'm pretty sure that part is winning.

gage asked me a few days ago why there are no kids in texas. poor boy. we have no neighbor kids. in fact, our neighborhood is full of the young at heart, you know those silver haired people who walk their tiny dogs each morning. there is an abundance of pocket sized pooches, and that's about it in the way of small folk.

on our way to church on sunday the inquisitive four-year-old asked me if so-and-so and so-and-so would be in primary. i told him no but i'm sure there would be a lot of new friends for him to meet. when we entered the doors i realized that by a lot, i meant seven. because that indeed was the size of the primary. he seemed content with it though because that is still seven more kids than he is used to seeing.

i've been loving all the time i get to spend with these two boys. our list of obligations is pretty small right now so we have a lot of time to just be silly. we've had puppet shows, super hero days, bike rides galore, soccer games in the meadow and swimming. i'm loving it! today though i promised gage a picnic at the park. we're going to scope out some potentials for our very small friends list. can you sense the desperation?

wish us luck!


Johanna Jane said...

Good Luck!

Brandon and Kelli Starkes said...

It will get easier Ash. It was a big change moving from a small town in Az to Killeen, Texas. We have been here 8 months and our kids are still adjusting. It gets better though, believe me.