Sunday, October 10, 2010

the journey

today i'm working on forgiveness. apparently i'm not as good at it as i once thought i was.

today i'm also working on gratitude, know...the usual.

our little home in arizona sold. today i'm working on being more happy than sad about that. and i should be happy. we're closing that chapter of our life and opening another.

so i guess this is where i just sit back and enjoy the journey!

happy sunday! xoxo. ash

and here's a sweet little inspiration for you----


Mandi said...

I feel so happy for you that your house sold Ash, but at the same time I feel your pain. When our house sold it was hard to know that I could never just go back Mesa and go home. From here on out it's visiting someone else's house, not mine. That is still sad to me. I hope that you can start to feel more at home. It took me a good six months, but I am really starting to enjoy Texas life. I hope that you can feel that too someday. I also think that you are doing better in lots of areas than you think you are. It's hard to see for yourself sometimes the good that you do. From an outsiders point of view you are pretty amazing to me. Love you!

{nicole coombs} said...

Wow your house sold!! Bitter sweet I guess.

{nicole coombs} said...

Oh and hang in there!! if anyone can do what your doing its you! You are a very strong and amazing woman!!! Like I have said before My Inspiration!

Fullerton Family said...

I passed through Heber this weekend and felt sad that you are no longer there! I'm glad you're trying to focus on the positive and that your house sold, that really is a blessing. I love you, miss you, and hope all is going well for you.