Friday, October 29, 2010

whats bigger than the whole world?

the other morning i walked in on a boyish scuffle. gage was reprimanding garrett not to choke him and garrett was persisting on getting those roundish little arms around the front of gage's neck. it truly looked like a not so friendly attempt at a choke out.

i pick the two-year-old up and get stern.

"we don't choke our brother."

he puts on his disappointed little cherub pout and says in the saddest little voice ever, "but i wuv gagey."


this was not a brutalization attempt at all, it was gare trying to share one of his million scrumptious hugs with his big brother.

my heart melted for what was probably the tenth time that day.

we went back so that the two-year-old could deliver a proper hug. it's no wonder he went for the sneak attack, the four-year-old does not hug easily. he finally got his hug, declared a boisterous i wuv you and released the four-year-old man cub back into his habitat.

is there anything better than being a mom?

i vote no.

what i wouldn't give for these hugs to never stop. this boy is a top of the line hugger and he is rather generous in his sharing of them. some nights he'll climb in bed with me and wrap his arms around my neck tight as he can muster. then he'll whisper...

"i wuv you mommy."

to which i reply "i love you gare."

"i wuv you more."

"i love you the most."

"i wuv you the whole world."

and i concede to let him win with the world. because that's how much i love him. the whole universe.


we're en route to arizona this weekend for some trick-or-treat fun.

happy halloween to all!


kristi. renee. keim. said...

Thanks for sharing this sweet post :)
Your adventures get me excited for when i'm a mom!
Enjoy your Halloween :)

Mandi said...

Hey Ash! Don't even worry about not getting back! I totally understand craziness! I am very excited to see you so we will definitely have to come up with a hang out arrangement. I am glad you guys seem to be doing so good. I hope you have a great trip to AZ. I must say I am very jealous! Drive safe and we will come up with something sometime soon! Your boys are the sweetest! I love them and you! Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

That is really sweet! Your boys seem so sweet! Have a safe trip to AZ and have a Happy Halloween!

JDButler Family said...

he is the cutest sweetest! we loved seeing you this weekend <3