Wednesday, November 3, 2010

cadillacs and sunsets

we are back and recouping from a whirlwind weekend. we had four days to go visit family in arizona. two days were spent visiting, well more like one and a half... and the remainder of the time was spent driving.

i took exactly zero pictures of the boys on halloween. and exactly zero pictures of our time with family. therefore when the hubby suggested we stop off at cadillac ranch outside of amarillo, i decided this was my chance at redemption.

behold, cadillac ranch.

ten nineteen-somethings cadillacs nose down in a cow pasture just off the mother road.

we got there just as the sun was setting and a chill was setting in. we were certainly unprepared for the stop, without a single can of paint. the hubby improvised and pulled a handful of little green paintballs from his trailer. the boys catapulted them with all their might, celebrating each tiny splash of victory.

imagine my excitement when i found my name had already been tagged for me. i added some personality with my own little paint splatter. nice huh?

next trip we will come prepared.

just you wait cadillac ranch. the broomalls will be back!


{nicole coombs} said...

Looks like a lot of fun and I love your pictures!! Also love the Hugging story. I agree with you there is nothing better then being a mom!!!

Mandi said...

Wow, you are seriously brave souls! I can't believe you made that drive so quickly! You go sister! It is amazing how you get desperate for family and do desperate things. We drove to Utah for 20 hours when I was less than a week away from having Lizzie. Not terribly bright, but totally worth it! Only in TX will you find Cadillac Ranch. My dad would have thought that was great. I can't help but think of him now that I live here in TX. He told me lots of TX stories back in the day. I am glad you're home safe. Love you!