Friday, November 5, 2010

i may be a pushover...

yesterday the hubby, the four-year-old, the two-year-old and yours truly went house hunting. (the thing about living in a new place with no friends and no family, is you also move away from any and all of your trusty babysitters.) it was just about an all day affair. we saw a few that made me hopeful and a few that made me sad. that's how it goes with these things though.
we got home to discover that we had one sick little man who also seemed to be having an allergic breakout on his face. matt rushed off to work, leaving by the skin of his teeth while me and the twosome packed back up in the car and headed to the pharmacy.
while at the store, the two-year-old nearly drove me to tears. he was wild i tell you. when i called to complain to the hubby (because i do that sometimes) he told me it was because i'm just not strict enough. psh. i invited him to take them for next week's groceries.
we got home and the four-year-old was sound asleep. i carried his peaceful little self inside along with the unopened bottle of benadryl. he woke up (after supper) with a clear, cheery face. no benadryl needed. you have to love that.
the boys bathed, the two-year-old finally gave into some much needed rest and the four-year-old and i tidied up the place. we made our way upstairs and i wanted nothing more than to cozy up in bed with my crochet and some pride and prejudice. but my completely rested up four-year-old wanted nothing more than to cozy up at the foot of my bed and watch him some franklin and get a little foot rub action. in my world, four-year-olds pretty much always win.
maybe the hubs was right about me.


Kathie1213 said...

you are not a pushover. you will miss these days one day very soon. enjoy them whilst they are here!

JDButler Family said...

Sweet <3