Sunday, November 7, 2010

the best night ever

the boys wanted to go camping last night. i threw a flannel sleeping bag across the bed and told them we would just pretend.
that just would not do.
they wanted a tent and flashlights.
i am a sucker for any opportunity for those little boys to stretch their imaginations. i love that they want that. i love watching those big sparkly eyes light up over the simplest little thing. sometimes i miss my childhood. sometimes i miss climbing trees and building forts, being a 'lost girl' with kirmaloo and making up stories in bed with my sisters. we would try to giggle quiet enough that mom thought we were sleeping. we were rarely ever sleeping though.
but wow. watching my own children live out there childhood to the fullest, nothing in the world beats that feeling. i don't think i've felt more cozy than when i've watched adventure play out on their faces and seen how thoroughly pleased they are with their pint sized lives. i feel like i get to grow up with them.
cause let's face it, i still have some growing up to do.
last night was the best. we rigged a tent, gathered up our flashlights and had a grand time. i think i got kicked in the head twice while i was sleeping and my covers got stolen more than once,
but it was all worth it.
thank you boys for making my life so happy.
i love you more than you know!


p.s. this song melts my heart.