Thursday, December 30, 2010

christmas day

the four-year-old woke up before the sun and pulled me out of bed so he could show me that santa came. it took a little convincing but we went back to his room. he told me in his very christmasy tone that he thought he would need help getting back to sleep. so i squeezed in with him and the two-year-old and rubbed his face until he drifted back off.

only a few hours later it was gare's turn to wake up and discover the magical scene in the family room. i told him he would have to go wake up his brother before he could touch anything, so he raced off at lightning speed and came back with gage. together they pulled dad out of bed and the fun commenced.

they got to move the star to the top of their countdown calender that grandma butler made them. this was a long awaited event. it was actually moved to the top on several occasions in a desperate attempt to trick the calendar. tragically it never worked out for them.

the boys started with their gifts to mom and dad. a necklace for mom and a frisbee for dad. {thank you grandma broomall for helping them with their surprise!} next they exchanged their gifts to each other and the rest is all a blur. the hubby and i's gift this year was our own home for celebrating the holidays in. we did indeed buy a house just two weeks before christmas and it was so nice to be in it in time for all the festivities!

this was my house warming gift to myself...a fluffy white wreath that took wayyy too long to make. maybe i'll share that with you later.

and this is a mid-day christmas floor for sure! i can say it's the one day of the year i enjoy a good mess.

in the afternoon we headed to grandma and grandpa broomall's for a mexican christmas feast and some fun. the boys had a great time playing with their cousin and opening some more gifts. it was a fun day for sure!

i hope your christmas was merry and that the year to come is a prosperous one!
love. ash


{nicole coombs} said...

Ash looks like you had a great Christmas! Your pictures are beautiful! And so is your house. And yes do share how you made that lovely white wreath I need one!!

Fullerton Family said...

Garrett looks so much like you! I want to see outside pics of your house, I am finding myself falling more and more in love with Texas houses! Love you!

Lizzie said...

OHHHH was the wreath made with coffee filters???

your fireplace looks beautiful my dear :)

happy new year, enjoy that lovely family of yours!