Thursday, December 30, 2010

on the eve

i thought it most appropriate for us to share our yule-tied jollies before the end of the year. i thought i had an extra day to do that but my dad informed me only a few short hours ago that today is in fact the thirtieth and not the twenty-ninth.
if you were to ask, one word to describe me the past three weeks...scatterbrained. or is that two words? scatter brained? either way i have been a right jolly old mess. and now that i have pled my case, let's talk christmas.

our christmas eve was a good one. we made it into town mid-morning to grab a few last minute items, swallow down a slice of pizza and enjoy a little rain shower. i guess a wet christmas is somewhat comparable to a white christmas. just a little less frozen. right?

when we got home we rolled out sugar cookies and decorated them with the butlers. {jamison, monica & trenton} the boys did a fabulous job on them but i failed to take any pictures.

later that evening we went for a very fun christmas dinner with a couple of the families we have met here. the boys had a great time and gage even got to participate in a nativity play. he played the role of shepherd slash jedi knight. now who could argue the awesomeness of that?

we got home a little late and put the boys straight in the bath. they looked at the hubby and i like we might be crazy when we told them to go open a gift in their whities. what oh what could it be i wonder?

all week prior to christmas gage reminded me that we needed carrots for santa's reindeer. we picked out the biggest ones we could find and gage spent a full fifteen minutes peeling this beauty. the reindeer all got to share it because we had to get to bed before santa arrived.

we wrote our letter to mister claus. my heart about melted when the four-year-old said "tell him we hope he loves jesus, cause it's going to be his birthday". things like that make me think that maybe i'm at least not a complete failure as a mother.

tucked in gages bed we read a pile of christmas books including, the grinch who stole christmas, the first christmas, the night before christmas and the reason for christmas. as you can see we were completely prepared for, you guessed it, CHRISTMAS.

and for the first night of the year {and possibly of their smallish lives} the four-year-old and the two-year-old closed their eyes and willingly drifted off to sleep.

that's when i decided that you are indeed never too old to believe in christmas miracles.

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