Monday, December 6, 2010


last week the boys and i trimmed out the gazebo with some holiday cheer. we had such a fun time doing it together. i sure have me some helpers. i need to teach them while their young and then once i'm in need of some extra muscle for my projects, they'll be all trained up. i sure do love them.
it's a huge bummer that whoever put in the lights that line the driveway didn't leave an open power source because this thing would be magical. we however improvised with battery operated candles and suspended glass jars.
the best part is that we used real pine garland and it smells a-mazing.

some of our other festivities this past week were building gingerbread houses (which of course are already nearly thrashed), baking brownies to munch on during the Christmas devotional and catching up on our 25 days til Christmas programming. (thank you abc family!)

our latest fave, which we've watched over and over again....the grinch!

we hope you are enjoying this holiday season with family and loved ones!

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Lizzie said...

that looks wonderful! aren't little helpers the best? :)