Thursday, December 2, 2010

oh yes it is december

when matt got home lastnight we abandoned our gazebo decorating efforts and headed out to marshall to enjoy some christmas lights and fun. it was one of the first really cold nights we have had out here so we didn't hit a huge crowd.

they had the main part of the historic downtown just covered in lights and spewing with christmas cheer. we took a horse carriage ride down the brick paved streets. gage really loved the clippity-clop of our horse friends, candy and bleu. he just wanted to know why they were so slow! cute little boy.

we tossed around the idea of ice-skating but we really weren't bundled up enough for that. we walked around and saw all kinds of cute little shops with the prettiest window displays. i fully intend on returning (with a stroller) and peeking inside.

after our ride we enjoyed some slightly overpriced, but delicious, hot cocoa and the wildest assortment of pizza i've ever experienced.
tonight we watched the grinch on abc family. i kind of love their 25 days of Christmas program. we already have the schedule mapped out for the rest of the month. yes. i'm serious.
i'm so excited for all of the holiday fun! i just love love love this time of year! i really need to call up my mom and get her cheesey potatoe soup recipe. that dish is a december must for me and with all that cheesiness and ham even the hubby digs it!
happy december!
xoxo. ash


Lacey said...

Very cute blog, Ashley! I love your pictures. You're really good. It was so fun at playgroup today. So glad you guys came and I look forward to getting to know you better!!

Kiley Stephens said...

mmm.. i think i will need the cheezy potato soup recipe as well!!!

{nicole coombs} said...

I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME TOO!!!! Looks like your havin a pretty good ol time there in Texas... Thank heaven for blogs, so I can check in on you!
love ya-

Nathan and Toni Southam said...

That turned out soooooo cute, Ash! I love it! Miss you guys and hope you are loving Texas! Call me one day!!!