Thursday, February 24, 2011

bottle it up

oh my goodness the weather has been fantastic around here! we've been soaking it all up at every possible chance. the bummer deal has been that the four-year-old has been battling an on-again off-again crazy high fever. i can't for the life of me figure out what is going down here. we made our first trip to a pediatrician here and all we could get was a possible virus, not much to be done. if it is in fact a virus, i ask "please mr. virus, leave my boy alone already. you kinda suck."

i just want to bottle up all the happy, healthy, sunny days and keep them somewhere safe. we could always use a few extra days like that.

gage is growing, gare is growing. heck. even the dog is growing. my boys are amazing me and cracking me up on a daily basis.

a few nights ago the boys and i went to grab a bite to eat. i finished speaking the order into the fancy black box at the drive-thru and before i could roll up the window garrett shouts a very loud and very audible "and pizza and a macaroni lady!" the dear little girl was still giggling as we pulled up to the window. classic.

gage is slipping back into a tender little man. we went through a phase where he had decided he was wayyy too cool for his old lady. but i'm back on top folks and i'm loving it! i want to bottle that up too. who knows when i will need a little more of that. high school maybe??

i have a goal for march. family walks. lots of them! we were so good about that before the move and we need to reinstate it. plus it will be a great way to explore our new neighborhood.

happy thursday!

xo. ash

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