Tuesday, February 22, 2011

a little self divulging

last night the hubby and i made tacos while the two and four-year-olds were dreaming on the couch. i kept thinking to myself, "self, you should really wake the boys if you want a drop of sleep tonight." but then the other little voice up there was feeling like maybe i should just go with it and enjoy some quiet time alone with the hubs.

the second plan won and we were able to enjoy a plate {or two} of delicious tacos, just the two of us. this rarely happens. in fact, if there is a word to compensate for something less than rare, i would use that word instead. we talked about the day, the future, a touch of the past and of course the two most scrumptious toddlers there ever were.

it's been amazing the growth that our relationship has recently experienced. a lot of it has been us finding ways to show gratitude for each other. some of it has been just allowing ourselves to have fun again. when we first began dating, matt and i had so much fun together. but the very essential part of what we're experiencing has been the effort we have put into bettering ourselves and our family and drawing closer to our Savior. not just individually, but together.

we're days away from our six year anniversary. i feel so blessed that we've made it this far. i feel even more blessed to be able to say that we are stronger and more in love today than we have ever been before.

a marriage is work. but i'm learning that it can be fun work. and most importantly i know that it's the most important work that we will ever do.

i love my family. i love the new season we are in and can't wait for the many seasons to come!

i love you long time babe!


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Aunt Tiff said...

Way to go on having some alone time with your hubby! Sounds like you guys are doing great! Heber sure does miss you though!!