Thursday, February 10, 2011

little boy

it became apparent at approximately 8:32 tuesday evening that this juicy little nugget had welcomed yet another ear infection. the rest of the night went as follows: ibuprofen, apple juice, crying, standing up, walking, sitting. i think we must have completed nearly three full cycles before 2 a.m. hit and i finally laid him in bed.

i double hate when my kids are sick. not just because i lose sleep and they lose sleep and i don't have the know how to make it all better. because it kills me to see their eyes and their smiles drooping.

i prefer them to be romping around the house, wreaking havoc on anything and everything. they're boys after all and i can say that after growing up with five of them, that is indeed what they do. and do quite well at that.

if my home isn't strewn with toys and blankets and little treasures you can be certain that something is awry.

so this morning when i stepped on a tiny metal train while walking to the kitchen i breathed a sigh of relief and carried on with a smile. i think it's safe to say the world is right again.

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