Sunday, February 13, 2011

our saturday afternoon rewind

the four-year-old spent his entire saturday afternoon carefully crafting valentines for his new classmates. he started school on friday so i was a little worried he wouldn't be big on making cards for a bunch of kids that he doesn't really know.
i was wrong.
he is four and the world is his friend. everyone is his friend and everyone is cool. and everyone will love his valentines. at least that is what he told me about a half a thousand times.
and i certainly agree.
i so enjoy watching this boy at work. he is such a tiny perfectionist. everything has to be just so. not just with valentines mind you. with everything. if he finds a string hanging on his clothes, an ill-proportioned shoelace or a pant leg tucked into the tongue of his shoe, we hit a code red. a big huge hairy beastly code red. it's super awesome especially in public.
but we were talking valentines.
this boy made some killer valentines and is so excited for tomorrow morning when he can tote them into his new classroom to his new friends and see the smiles on their faces. he is a sweetheart like that.

i love me some robot loving gage b.
i also love me some of this boy who woke up from a nap that very afternoon with matching horns on either side of his forehead. i rudely made the comparison of them to his grouchy bun attitude he was carting around the rest of the day. but i take it back. the only thing devilish about this two-year-old is his good looks. end of story.
happy heart day to all of you!
{and happy birthday to auntie hayden! we love you big time lady friend!}
xo. ash

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Nathan and Toni Southam said...

K, we made freakin' cute robot Valentine's cards too and a certain lady whose name I won't say kept saying, "bla bla bla, that's dumb, bla bla" and of course I listened and didn't have Grant hand them out. Now I'm ticked, ha ha! Your's turned out adorable!