Wednesday, March 2, 2011

dinosaurs, boy geniuses and such {edit with the art}

cuddling with my man cub on a cold day in february. unrelated to the post but precious.

***edited to add the glorious masterpiece***

gare sat perched atop my counter as i readied myself for the day. equipped with a notepad and a pen the boy was set. as i ran the hot iron through my hair he chirped and chirped about how he was drawing a dinosaur.

"i drawing a dinosaur!"

"oh nice."

"and it's on dino squad."

{a questionably tasteful show about teenagers who mutate into dinosaurs to save our precious planet. he and his brother's latest fave.}

"oh that's cool."

all the while i continue to check myself out in the mirror. fretting over fly aways, pining over my once-clear-skin, checking for the slightest sign of resistance and then attacking it full on with my sizzling chi. go ahead and hand me the mother of the year award because that is top notch parenting at its best.

we continue to go back and forth while he tells me about each and every glide of the pen. i move on to make-up and he decides that my little side comments are no longer going to entertain him and proceeds to execute a dare devil move to descend from the counter.

as i'm wrapping up production the hubster appears from the shower. i'm la-dee-da-ing when matt asks "didn't he say he was drawing a dinosaur?"

he holds up the masterpiece and lo and behold if you tilt your head to the approximate setting of a two-year-and-eight-month-old boy and then squint your eyes just slightly, there was in fact a dinosaur. he's got mad skills i tell you.

and it would appear that my skills could use a little cultivating. like maybe next time that pint sized davinci starts telling me about his work, i could put the mascara down and go and have a look-see. maybe i could even pick up a few tips. because at this rate, by the time he's five my goofy artwork, such as this one, just aren't going to cut it anymore. and then we move on to bigger problems like the day that he and his big brother realize that they have far surpassed me in brains and skills and i am of no further use to them.

with all the dignity of a clingy mother i say, that just cannot be allowed. scares the living daylights out of me.


Mary said...

Ashley, you absolutely MUST post the dino drawing! I was sure you'd have it at the end of your post, and I was sorely disappointed when it wasn't there! There's nothing sweeter than the early artwork of your children. I still treasure my kids' first attempts at great art (safely taped into scrapbooks, of course)!

ashley b said...

i'll have to put it on. i was just super lazy this morning. :)

Lacey said...

That is fabulous! What an artist! Also, that picture is so so precious.

Mary said...

Thanks for adding the sketch! You are right, he shows real promise, and I'm not kidding. He's captured the essence of a dinosaur as seen through a budding young artist's eyes. Garrett, as a fellow amateur artist, I salute you!

ashley b said...

oh you would see the biggest most wonderful two year old smile if he could hear you say that right now. :)

{nicole coombs} said...

First of all LOVE the picture of the two of you! and Second he is adorable and so is his dinosaur!