Tuesday, March 8, 2011

this and that and stuff

overwhelmed is not quite the word i would use to describe how i have felt the past couple of weeks. completely stressed out might be a more appropriate statement.

everywhere i turn there are toys and laundry and papers and stuff. i have come to the conclusion that i am ready to commit to a new lifestyle. i am a minimalist in training. slowly i have been working my way from room to room purging them of clutter and over excess. and let me tell you, i have still got a ways to go. there's still an entire attic to deal with. it gives me chills just thinking about it. but dang. where did all this stuff come from anyways?

but let me tell you something else. my boys have been a dream. don't let me fool you, they still fight and kick and pinch and yell sometimes {and just yesterday gare decided to wizz in the fireplace} but for the first time in EVER we are conquering nap and bedtime. they have gotten to the point where i can just lay them down, read them a book, kiss their fresh clean faces and tip-toe out of the room. i truly thought this day might never come. but boy am i grateful that it has. i like to call that a tender mercy.

and last but not least i am so excited for spring! i love that the world is brightening up a bit. i love that everywhere i drive i can see all kinds of beautiful trees in bloom. by far my favorites are the bradford pear trees that are all over the place here. they are full of tiny white blossoms and they smell amazing. i've been intending to cart the boys out somewhere to snap some photos beneath one. but like most of my good intentions, it hasn't happened. i need to work on that.

my goal for this month:: read a book that is more than fourteen pages long and has nothing to do with tractors, dinosaurs, dragons or trains.

happy tuesday!


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Lacey said...

I'm with you on the purging of the stuff. I feel sometimes that our stuff is going to eat me and the kids. Your house looks so cute and put together! Happy purging!