Monday, March 28, 2011

while everyone else is getting formally edumacated

when the hubs and the four-year-old head off to school, the two-year-old gets a little home ec lesson {of the tasy variety} in his jammies.

he pours rice all over the counter and empties the utensil drawer.....with his monkey toes.

he gets away with it because he's so darn cute and his teacher has a crush on him.

A+ on the rice pudding. yum!

then it's time for some physical education. {just call him coach} still in our jammies. still with traces of the previous class on his face.

he schools me in hoops.

he's good.

he's real good.

whoever said that learning was a bore?


1 comment:

Mandi said...

That is the darn best idea I have ever seen with the basketball hoop in the trampoline. I had to stare at the pic for a minute to figure out how you did it. How fun! You are the cutest mom ever!!! To comment on your last post. I am totally with you on the hair cutting quandry. My hair is about the same length and it took FOREVER to get it here, but every day I struggle to not put it in a pony before Steve gets home from work. It is driving me batty! I toy with the idea of a fun bob, but I love long hair! If only I could figure out how to get those lovely curls that you have. We need to do some getting together soon so you can show me how to achieve such beautiful hair. I am only well versed in my flat iron. I hope all is well. Love you!