Tuesday, March 22, 2011

happy little springtime + things for tiny people::post edit

my spring wreath is up!

i am quite genuinely loving this new season in texas. texas roadways definitely leave something to be desired but man are the views here gorgeous! i don't know that i've ever seen so many shades of green all packed in together. i almost feel like i should be on vacation somewhere. i love it!

i have been contemplating trying to get a garden started this year. yesterday gage told me it's very important that we have a garden. and i want my very own with watermelon and strawberries and other food for my friends.

my dilemma is that while i would love nothing more than to have a garden again, there is so much work involved and right now it feels like our lives couldn't be more hectic.

another thought i'm mulling over in my mind...cutting my hair! i feel like such a traitor just mentioning this because i have worked so hard to grow it out. and by work i mean, used a whole lot of self control. but hot dang! three days ago we had eighty-five degree weather which i would be loving in the mountains, but was struggling with here. because here we have this fabulous little wonder called humidity. i quite literally had to unstick my hair from my face and neck every five seconds until it finally went up in a messy bun. now i love me a messy bun. but all summer long? no bueno.

what would you do?

and in other news i have been crocheting up a storm as of late. here are a few of my projects. i can't wait to have photos with living, breathing, cuddly little souls inside.

my etsy shop is still closed but if you are interested in anything just email me. my email address is on my sidebar and i'd love to do a custom order for you!


wishing you all a very happy spring!!


Post Edit::: today i thought i might better clarify on the crocheted goodies. they are infant photography props. i do not in anyway suggest that we start toting our little ones around in crocheted slings or bundling them in a cocoon to sleep. in fact i strongly advocate that we do not. and that's pretty much it. have a lovely day!

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