Friday, March 18, 2011


so this room is my own personal sanctuary. i love my powder room. {that's the nicer way of saying bathroom right?} it's so light and fresh and it makes starting my day so much happier. the white cabinets are throughout the house, except for the kitchen. i love them. i'm kind of on this kick where i want everything to be white. it just feels so clean and peaceful to me and i'm totally digging it.

i do have to admit that i have not yet tried out the bath. all of the men have though and i hear it's quite lovely. my day will come i am sure.

decorating in here is still a work in progress. as it is in the rest of the house. with our new budget it will probably be a long work in progress but that's okay with me.

one thing that is driving me crazy though is that if you look at the first picture you'll notice there are no rugs in front of the sinks. i think i probably brought home three or four different options and none seemed to fit quite right. if anyone out there happens across an "L" shaped rug, feel free to email me. don't worry, i wont hold my breath.

i am thinking that today will be a good day for the boys and i to hit up some thrift shops. it has been a while since we've scouted out any new ones. and i am dying to head up to marshall and adventure in their downtown strip. there are some awesome window displays and i just really want to peek inside.

what will you do with your friday?
whatever it is....enjoy!

xo. ash


Lacey said...

I love white as well. I'm dying to redo our kitchen cabinets white, but that would just open a huge can of other things needing to be redone. So for now I'll stick with the brown ones. Also, I took note of your playlist. We have very similar taste in music. That makes me happy! I saw Ingrid in concert last year, I adore Priscilla Ahn and I've been listening to the new Adele for the last 2 weeks. :-)

T said...

corner berber rugs.... don't know if its exactly what you are looking for, but there are such things! lol

J*T*B*B said...
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