Wednesday, March 16, 2011

i can't mom.

this is where you will generally find the two-year-old about five minutes before the four-year-old's big yellow carriage delivers him home. these are the shoes and the general "get up" you find the two-year-old sporting about five days out of seven. he particularly likes when one of his cowboy boots is three sizes too big and the other is just right. i imagine it helps him with his man chores. like shoveling this here hole. just look at that balance.

the backyard is where you will generally find the four-year-old about five seconds after said yellow chariot makes its delivery. toting around his favorite pup and telling the two-year-old all about his big boy adventures and newly acquired knowledge.

but last friday he was not found in the backyard.

last friday the two-year-old and i abandonded our trampoline time to go find him.

last friday i called and called for the four-year-old. but there was no response.

at least not until i found him laying on my bed. i asked the boy if he wanted to come join us and he just layed there with lids half shut {which was clearly taking effort on his part} and lazily replied "i can't mom. i have to sleep for a really long time and be tired because i'm having my spring break."

it looks like preschool has got this boy plain tuckered out.

but i still think he's swell.

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