Tuesday, March 15, 2011

our nest, lighting and the new neighbors

hey folks!

i've never given you the official tour of the new nest now have i? as for my list of excuses i can say i have been busy, i have been busy and i have been really busy. in that order. i do have to tell you though that i am in love with it. i fell in love with the style of homes out here in east texas right away and even though this was completely finished out when we found it, it fits us {and more specifically me} perfectly. there's small things of course, like in my perfect world this kitchen work space would have been fitted with some fantastic pendant lighting rather than cans and, um, well that's pretty much it i guess. we have been very blessed. we love it {did i say that already?} and it's my goal over these next few weeks to share a little more with you.

as for now i am off to get some sleep because tomorrow will be a busy day of helping some new "neighbors" move in. sure it's about ten miles away, but that's just a stone's throw in the lone star state. and did i mention that it's family?! woo hoo!

welcome to town butler crew!


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