Thursday, March 10, 2011

brother bear

my two little men folk are about as opposite as they come. starting with their hair, moving down to their cheeky bums and into the internal working of it all. gage is my tender little guy who wears his heart on his sleeve and expects perfection of himself. gare is my rough and tumble boy who means well {most of the time} and who for the most part keeps his feelings to himself.

one common thread they do share however is that while they neither one minds beating the holy tar out of the other, you had best watch yourself if YOU mess with their brother.

it reminds me of a time when my not-even-two-year-old sister was getting the treatment from a boy in her nursery class. my also nursery aged brother {about two years older} came to the rescue and informed said boy that "if you mess up with my sister, i mess up with you."

and these boys will "mess up with you" indeed.

case in point. this afternoon the doorbell rang and gare and i met a sullen faced gage standing on the front porch.

"those girls are being mean to me. they called me a baby cause they said i don't know my numbers."

i start to try to fix things with my limited knowledge and know-how when the two-year-old marches his buns out the door and to the edge of the grass. he raises up on his tippy toes and with the biggest voice he can muster, which is quite big, he shouts "you don't call my brother a baby!" he settles back down on his heels and just stares for a minute, decides he said all he needs to say and then struts on back through the door.

the girls are ten and eleven and thus i am lead to believe that he decided that hand-to-hand combat wouldn't be in his best interest.

it wasn't more than five minutes later that garrett found himself in time-out for calling his brother a "stinky head".

and that is pretty much how they roll.


Lacey said...

I love this! Sibling relationships - there's nothing else like it!

{nicole coombs} said...

ha ha they remind me sooo much of Cory and Kellin! always fighting and ALWAYS got each others backs ha ha such a cute story!