Tuesday, May 31, 2011

all aboard

matthew has had a break from school the past couple of weeks so we've been able to have a little fun time. last weekend we took the boys to the marshall train station to have a look around. as soon as we got out of the truck one of the trains started to leave. the engineer waved and blew his whistle/horn (???) for the boys. neither one was a fan of the noise but they still managed to sneak a wave back.

i wish i didn't have a pregnant brain so that i could tell you when this station was first built, but i can't for the life of me seem to remember. it's old. we'll just leave it at that. this was a major railway back in the day and has some pretty neat history which we got to experience a bit of in the museum.

this is from the top of the station, overlooking the grounds and the tracks. the boys thought it was 'amazin'.

this is my favorite picture of the day! them boys are so handsome. it was so dang hot outside but they were good sports and loved getting to climb up on the engine and caboose that they had parked outside.

this was an old desk they had set up in the museum. there was plexiglass in front of it, so i didn't get a great picture. but i thought it was neat. the creepy mannequin...maybe not so much.

the entrance to the station is a tunnel beneath the tracks which just added a little excitement for the boys. for me it was a nice retreat from the beating sun. good-bye train station, hello ice-cream stop!


Jessica said...

every boys dream!
great pics too!

Lacey said...

We went there last year. It's so fun!! Our kid's favorite part was the train table before you even get into the museum.

{nicole coombs} said...

Looks like fun. I am in LOVE with that last picture by the way.
Love ya-