Thursday, June 2, 2011

maria maria. you remind me of the west side story.

we moved to show low when i was just a young little thing. shy as a mouse as they say. the thing about small towns is that even by the time you are six you know everyone and your parents who all grew up together back in the good ol' days have already helped predetermine your future friends and life partners. that's just how it is.

i started first grade in the winter. i remember the snow on the ground the day my mom came home and announced to me that i was all set up to start school. my little classroom of students accepted me graciously and i fell in love with my teacher. she was a dream! especially compared to mrs. olchesky, my utah kindergarten teacher, whom only months into the school year had compelled my mom into withdrawing me from school and home teaching me herself. she was a nightmare. ever seen matilda?? 'nuff said.

but i'm straying from the subject.

the church front proved to be slightly more difficult. apparently little girls who don't talk, don't get talked to. not for a few months at least. with a little patience, i found my friend! there was an incident involving white lace easter gloves that hindered our friendship for just a few short weeks, but we managed to get past that. and in the last nearly two decades i would say we have gotten over a whole pile of things. that's when you know you're friends!

our escapades in high school included, but are not limited to, accidental half-naked encounters with a stranded cowboy, jam-out sessions all across our little mountain, several awkward drive-thru moments {how does that happen you ask?? you don't want to know.}, early morning wake-up calls for jogs that turned into let's just find a nice place to sit down and talk's, really baaaaad double-dates, questionable hair do's and rock climbing adventures gone awry. we were good girls who managed to do some really dumb things. things that i would incarcerate my own children for. disclaimer:: none of these indiscretions were actually assured.

girlfriends are definitely one of God's tender mercies. i love my husband, i love my mom, dad, sisters, cousins, brothers, etc. but sometimes you just need a friend there with you in life. i'm thankful i found that in mareez. {i'm using her alias because i know she's not a big fan of publicity.} but i had to brag a little anyways because this girl is the bomb and a much better friend than i am and i miss her face out here in texas!

thanks for the good times mareez!

xoxo. smash

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Jessica said...

good ol mareez. :) she IS awesome :)