Monday, June 6, 2011

your random post of the week

my mind just wont sit still for a minute these days and so as you can imagine i'm having a super hard time of coming up with just one thing to post about. so with that logic i have decided that i'm allowing myself one very incredibly random post this week. you're welcome. or i'm sorry. i'm not sure which is more appropriate.


exhibit a

{gage. july 2010}

we are officially in the good ol' summertime. oh what do YOU do in the summertime when all the world is green? and might i add, when the climate is oh so hot! i imagine our days may start looking a lot like this again. i think we could eat our weight in otter pops here in east texas. time to stock pile the freezer!

exhibit b

{bump watch. 16 weeks.}

we're fast approaching a long awaited visit from my family which will involve a few days in a swimming suit. have i mentioned lately that i'm incubating a small person in my womb? and that with said condition i am soft, white, and squishy? perhaps those thoughts are what drug me out into the morning heat, donning my mizunos and some ill fitting running attire. i ran one measly mile. probably not my brightest plan ever. scratch that. DEFINITELY not my brightest plan ever. my body has been punishing me ever since.

exhibit c

{the soon to be elder butler.}

my two little ducklings and i will be accompanying my family on their return to arizona so that we can bid our last farewells to my brother marcus before he leaves to serve the Lord for two years in argentina. we'll be flying home just in time to celebrate blondie's third birthday and experience our first ever texan fourth of july. i've been scouring the web for affordable airfare and have decided that it might be about time for my humble little online shop to reopen. thankfully my parents have come to our rescue to make this trip possible for us. i would be broken hearted to miss out on this! thank you mom and dad!! xoxo.

exhibit d

{smoke filled skies in alpine from the wallow fire. june 2011.}

there is a wildfire just devouring up the land in some of the most beautiful country of arizona that i have ever seen. it is devastating the forests and has required the evacuation of many people from their homes, likely to be more. it brings back so many memories of the rodeo/chediski fire that decimated forest and homes in the white mountain area nearly nine years ago. prayers for the firefighters and those being affected are greatly appreciated.

exhibit e

i stumbled across a new blog that has me entirely smitten! ever heard of armelle? i am in love! want to see two things that i fully intend on shamelessly copying in the future??

a perfectly boyish birthday soiree.

just my brand of baby girl nursery.
big on the girlie, easy on the pink. and not to mention i LOVE yellow!


and there friends is a good little sneak peak into the workings of my brain. a little this and a little that.

happy monday and happy summer!!!

love. ash


Lacey said...

That nursery is wonderful! Love it!!

Janadt.Huggins said...

I second Lacey about the nursery and I heart your belly bump pic. It's beautiful.

Amber* said...

You are a beauty ashley with your baby bumb!!!

Marcus looks so much like Jamison! Tell Jamison I said hi please!!

Sha Parry said...

Ashley i am so happy you are having a girl! i am finally pregnant to! im not sure what i am having though. it looks like texas is pretty great i am kinda jealous i would LOVE to move!