Sunday, May 1, 2011

i have been having dreams of a sunny beachside vacation for a while now. so saturday morning i gave in and did a search for beach house rentals in huntington. i came across this dream of a little cottage. and um. i've been defeated. this place is calling to me.

trips to california have been a favorite of mine since i was young. with a dad who grew up in the golden state, we always had plenty of reasons and plenty of family to keep us going back. i miss that now. call it what you may, but i do love california. it feels cozy and homey to me and i am down with that. who can't do with a little bit of the laid back spirit that place is channeling? i'm all for it. yeah man.

so for today i'm dreaming of cold sand in my toes, warm sun on my skin, little boys in board shorts and sunscreen and frothy blue horizons that turn to orange and golden sunsets. a mini mental vacay if you will. go ahead and join me if you'd like. i'll be back in business tomorrow. maybe.

hot dogs and marshmallows with the fam::seal beach 2007


Mandi said...

That song on your blog (Drifting along with the tumbling tumble weeds) just pulled at my heart strings this morning. I can just hear my dad singing that song. I love it. Thank you for that. I love you.

Amber Hathaway said...

Hi Ash. I live in Huntington now and you are more than welcome to come stay in my little shoe box as I like to call it :) Or if you ever need someone to go look at the rentals I can do it for ya!!!

Lacey said...

Those pictures make me want to go right now. We so need a good vacation!!