Saturday, May 21, 2011

one fine day + a paranoid mother's confession

the four-year-old pranced into my room all bright eyed and bushy tailed at approximately 6:41 a.m. thursday morning. he perched himself at the foot of my bed and proclaimed "i'm so 'cited mom! it's tomorrow!"

to those of you whose worlds do not revolve around this especially cute brown haired boy, "tomorrow" indicates that it was indeed the day that his entire school would be out on an all day field trip. yahoo! we made our way to the kitchen and put together all of the required ingredients for a top of the line sack lunch. ham and cheese sandwich, apple slices, frozen go-gurt, rice crispy treat and a special bag of chips that the hubs had prepared the night before. after the tooth-brushing, hair brushing and dressing was done he sat himself on the couch in anticipation. by 7:20 a.m. he was dropped off at school with his fancy lunch and his million dollar smile, all too happy to be leaving the nest for the day.

i plopped down next to the two-year-old once i got home and wondered to myself what we would do without our other boy for an entire day. and then it occurred to me, we can actually go to playgroup today! yahoo! so we freshened up, packed another lunch into blondie's mini backpack, loaded up the bicycle and bid the hubby adieu.

i helped my sidekick into the car and he was clearly planning to live up this day to it's full potential. he sat himself right down in big brother's seat and insisted that i buckle him in there. he had to get while the gettin' was good i suppose.

we made it to the park for playgroup and had a great time until the heat chased us off. we headed back down the road, headed for the main road. the main road where i was supposed to turn right, but instead i turned left. it was a calculated error. about 1.2 miles later we found ourselves sitting in a parking lot with several buses and administrative vehicles. yes, i may have stalked my preschooler's field trip. yes, i may be a slightly paranoid mother. we sat outside the glass front building and watched children in tunnels just like an ant farm. we sat and sat and nearly gave up hope when who should come bouncing up to the tippity-top of the maze but our very own preschool lovin' four-year-old.

the nerves that had been attacking my system all day long seemed to settle and we made our way back to the mother road.

at home we found hours of entertainment with our giant bucket of sidewalk chalk. my little blonde sidekick made sure to cover every possible surface of his clothing and body in the stuff. i dare say he was thoroughly pleased with himself.

we had a fun day together but by 3 o'clock the two-year-old was suggesting that maybe if we made lunch again then brother would come home. because gagey always comes home for lunch. needless to say we look forward to summer when we can steal him away all for ourselves!


Lacey said...

You got your blog figured out. Yay!! What was the deal? Anyway, great post. You're such a good mom. Your boys are lucky dudes.

mywhey said...

Well it's about time, I was losing hope to ever read your saucy blog ever again. ROFL !!! I'm glad I could help keep the world appraised of these cute little guys. Now you are almost computer literate, I'm so proud of you, just think if you keep learning more, you may one day take over microsoft> Ashley multi- billionaire, kinda has a ring to it, huh?