Wednesday, May 11, 2011

today i'll be making freezer jam::wish me luck

i found yet another blackberry bush near home. it is absolutely exploding with yummy fruit.




i've never made my own jam before so this will be a fun new experience. and with any luck we'll be enjoying these little gems for a good long while.

happy wednesday!

xoxo. ash


katilanae said...

Can I just say I'm jealous of all the fresh berries you are getting to fun!

Jerry and Charlsye Miller said...

this is my 3rd attempt at eaving you a message...dang blogger. Anyways...congrats on the new little one that'll be coming soon! I hope you are getting over the sickness...i know all about it being a big deal to actually get ready. I'm finally making an effort with my appearance again. Hope everything goes great and you are both healthy!

Davis Family said...

Congrats on being pregnant! I hope you start feeling well soon. I love homemade jam - hope it turns out!