Friday, June 17, 2011

five is the new old

attention all readers:: "the four-year-old" aka: gage will now be referred to as "the five-year-old". the five-year-old is a new and improved little character who makes his own sandwiches {ketchup and cheese is his specialty}, jumps especially high, puts on his own sunscreen and apparently goes to bed anytime he would like, because he is five. and in case you missed the memo, FIVE IS OLD.

it's hard to believe that my first baby boy is growing up so fast. we registered him for kindergarten and stuck five candles on his cake all within a week's time. he's big and strong, as our little mexican scooby doo pinata would affirm. that is if he weren't sitting in the bottom of a park trashcan, bloodied and bruised.

we are so proud of you gage and all that you have accomplished and learned in your five years of life. you amaze us everyday in just about every way possible. you are sweet, creative, curious, giving, thoughtful, observant and full of energy. some days you are more than one mother can handle, but even then you are loved more and more each day.

i hope you never stop sticking your fingers in the frosting and i hope you never stop using that beautiful imagination of yours!

happy 5th birthday big boy!

all my love, mom



Nathan and Toni Southam said...

Oh my goodness, little Gage is five! Where did the time go! Happy birthday, buddy (well, late birthday)! Love you all so much!

-Your- "Unofficial Godmother"

Lacey said...

Beautiful tribute!! Love the pinata and the cake!