Friday, June 24, 2011

sweet mountain sunshine

gare being silly with his auntie brin

the boys and i embarked on a twenty-one hour tour to the motherland last sunday evening. it was everything that a road trip should be. complete with crying kids, sugary and salty snacks, lots and lots of pee stops a tire blow out and sandwiches from the ice chest. it was the three of us plus ten in a swagger wagon of major proportions. i got the star treatment because i'm pregnant and apparently that translates to: this woman ain't gotta do nothin'. i was kind of a fan.

we've been loving the sunshine without the intense humidity. although my lips are dry and my nose tends to bleed....dry heat is a commodity that we just don't get much of anymore. and i am kind of a fan of that too.

we'll be back next week and ready to share some of our fun with you!

happy weekend!

xoxo. ash

gare, auntie brin, auntie callie, gage and cousin aiden

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Lacey said...

I didn't know you could have humidityless heat. Crazy! Do you think you could bring some home with you?