Tuesday, July 5, 2011

how are you with mental pictures?

i do not have a single photo from yesterday's festivities. not a one. i whipped out my camera mid-barbeque, only to discover that my battery was dead. so into the outlet it went so that i could at least capture some fireworks or post eating smiles. you know, the kind where you're so happy and full that you can't really see straight. but if you can imagine it rained and poured all the way up to the fireworks and then it drizzled for the remainder of the evening. so my poor little camera had to sit tucked away safe and dry in the car. so this is my attempt at painting a mental picture of our fourth of july.


i'm the type of person that over prepares. okay, so not really. i am more like the person that you see running through the stores at the very last minute, looking like a chicken with her head cut off. kids in tow of course. it just seems to be my thing. that being said, let me share a story with you.

this all begins on thursday evening as the family and i made our way home from dallas after our flight from arizona. i started to have one of my pitty parties {which i have more than i should admit lately}. i was telling the hubby how terrible a plight it seemed that we would not be around family for this holiday and unable to join in the traditional festivities of it all. the parade, bbq's, fireworks, homemade ice-cream parties and so forth. that is about the point where he got fed up with my whining and asked "well then why not still do those things?" ummm. does that give you a little insight on what a sorry sap i've been lately? it's embarrassing but true, the thought really had never crossed my mind. still have fun when we're miles away from everything that has ever been normal to us??? i guess i was just bound and determined to be sad.

so fast forward through the next few days where we celebrated a birthday, unpacked, tried to catch up with our time change withdrawals and laundry and all that nonsense and oh shoot it's monday already! where does the time go? so at about 9 o'clock in the morning i text my sister-in-law to see if their little family would like to come barbeque with us. she gives me the green light and after that it was a mad dash to get ready.

i let the boys pick out some patriotic decor {being a slacker has it's perks....everything was at least 50% off....} and grabbed a couple of last minute grocery items in town and set off home to get ready.

we ended up having a lot of fun for being so last minute. we ate our hamburgers and freshly grilled corn on the cob out in the 95 degree weather and watched the boys splash around in the kiddie pool. it was hot. and then a miracle happened. about two minutes after scooping out bowls of homemade ice-cream for everyone storm clouds gathered, thunder boomed {and i mean BOOMED} and lightning lit up the darkening skies. sitting under the patio felt amazing. the temperature dropped, the wind blew little mists of cool water onto my face and arms and leaves started to flutter down into our yard like a picture perfect scene from a movie. it was an absolutely wonderful and relaxing way to finish up our meal.

we sat around and talked while the big boys played a very soggy game of ladder ball and the little boys played a very soggy game of, well whatever it is that little boys play. then about an hour before dark we gathered up blankets and chairs and headed out to watch some fireworks. we drove through some torrential downpour and questioned whether the show would even go on. but a few minutes before parking the rain let up to a soft drizzle and continued that way until the very last firework lit up the night. and as garrett said, them was amazin'.

we had such a great time and are so thankful for the many blessings we have been given. such as our family and our freedom just to name a few.

i hope that everyone's holiday was just as enjoyable!


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Lacey said...

Sounds like some awesome last minute fun. I'm glad the fireworks still happened. I'm a little sad we missed out on it. We've yet to take our children to see fireworks. I feel like a bad parent.