Wednesday, July 6, 2011

the day we went to the beach

mid-june we took a little trip down to south texas with my family. we could only stay for a few days but we had a lot of fun! we went to schlitterbahn water park which was awesome! and i suggest if you ever take a trip there, you plan to spend more than one day. it is huge and full of all kinds of good, cool, wet fun. a perfect getaway for a hot and sticky texas summer.

on our last day there we drove a few hours south, to padre island. that beach is beautiful! it's completely non-commercialized which can have it's downfalls in some ways, but for the most part it just keeps it looking natural and beautiful.

i didn't take many pictures because i was mostly just focused on staying cool and making sure my little water puppies didn't get too cozy with the waves....but you get the idea. we would definitely love to go back someday.

tell me please, what's your favorite beach??


KaNdRa and JaReD said...

I love the beach in Laguna CA. All the beaches we went to in the Gulf(Louisiana,Mississippi) were ok but the water was brown, not very appealing:( So I'm surprised to hear of a beach that was nice. Looks like a great time:)

JDButler Family said...

On the west coast, I would agree with Kandra... I do love Laguna Beach, but then there is Huntington & Bolsa Chica!!! I do think of all the beaches that I have visited... I think that I would say that my favorite beach is Kamaole II in Kihie on Maui <3
This was my first time on a Texas beach... who thought it would be sooooo nice! Good times :)