Friday, July 8, 2011


just go ahead and ask this sweaty haired little boy how old he is.

i dare you!

he'll shoot you one of spiderman's signature web shooting hand gestures and tell you "this many!" followed by swish, swish, piou! because that is what spiderman's super awesome webs sound like when flying from his wrists. you might even get a perfectly delivered roundhouse kick. it's truly remarkable to behold.

to say that celebrating my baby's third birthday was a little hard to swallow, is a bit of an understatement. when you have a five-year-old and a two-year-old, you can still lay claim on at least one of them being a toddler. so when you squish and squeeze and kiss on them in public, it's still acceptable. but now i think i have to claim them both as big boys. that's a hard thing for me. but thank heavens when i tuck this little man child into his bed at night he still puckers up those perfect little lips and lets me give him a big fat smooch!

he's growing up so fast! he counts to twenty, he knows his abc's, he refuses my help to put his shoes on, he colors in the lines (and has since he was 2), plus he's like our own personal jukebox full of primary songs and nursery rhymes and has the sweetest little voice you ever heard.

i sure do love you my big three-year-old boy!

p.s. just for the sake of the future, your dad had full reign over your birthday plans. he let you go to chuck-e-cheese with your brother and your cousin trenton, he took you to the store and for desert you picked out strawberry cake with strawberry frosting and oreos on the side. then he made it for you...and can you guess who put the letters on your cake???

happy birthday!!!

xoxo. mom


Lacey said...

Happy birthday, Garrett!! Love the cake! 3 does seem so big. I'm gonna hold on tight to my 2-year-old while I still can.

JDButler Family said...

I love your 3 year old boy, and he's extra super cool to say he's 3 with a spider-man hand (;

Love the five year old farmer wanna be too!