Tuesday, July 26, 2011

i've had this dream and i'm trying to be brave enough to chase it

so i've had this dream for a while now. i want to be a photographer. like, i want to take beautiful photos that families can hang in their homes for years and years and never want to take down. i love capturing emotion and beauty and moments on film and it's something that has just become a part of me over the years. lately i have been pouring into every bit of material that i can to learn to better myself and to reach a point where i feel like i am capturing exactly what i want, how i want. i have a loooong ways to go but i am getting there.

i have short term goals and long term goals. the short term goals basically include practice, practice, practice, learn, learn, learn.
my sister-in-law was gracious enough to let me use her cute pregnant self all for the sake of just that. {thank you thank you monica!}

so i am beginning the venture to what i hope will be a bright future! i have been working away and when i feel ready...or brave enough...i will share it all with you! let me just tell you that i have kept myself plenty busy as of late and i'm so excited to share what i've been doing! all in due time.

tell me what are your thoughts/suggestions??



Amanda Shaeffer said...

The photos you post are simply inspiring, weather it's of your beautiful family or the crafts you spend hours making. Go for it, your going to be very successful at it. I hope someday, My husband and I can use your talent! Take care! BTW love the new pic!

Amber* said...

I think this is awesome Ash! I've always thought you've taken amazing pictures when I started reading your blog. You should defintely go for it!

Taralee said...

Question: is there anything you can't do?

you are amazing @ everything i've ever seen you do...so go for it, don't hold back, you'll be great.