Tuesday, July 19, 2011

lazy summer bones

the weather 'round these parts has been hot. hot hot hot. and humid to boot. so much different than the dry desert heat that we are use to. we keep inside for the most part these days. except for the times when we fill up the swimming pool or switch on the sprinklers. this is promptly followed by an ice-cold fun pop and a movie...in the house, a/c blasting, fan on high. and then we slip off to sleep. well most of us slip off to sleep. the five-year-old likes to prove himself and stay awake while the three-year-old and i sleep away our exhaustion.

this is where i found him after one such afternoon nap. i guess if i tried sleeping up there, i wouldn't be able to either. whether it be the uncomfortable wooden board or the sheer terror of falling off mid-dream. i just don't imagine i could.

i couldn't resist a little bit of picture text humor to the hubby at work.

"when did we get a cat?"

sometimes i feel so clever. and funny. bahaha!

aside from heat, water, fun pops, naps and feline tendencies, here is a little bit of what our summer days involve.

* lots of reading.
* lots of grilling.
* not a lot of cleaning.
* as much crochet as my hands can take.
* letters to and from the missionary uncle.
* playtime with our local cousin.
* kool-aid, kool-aid and more kool-aid.
* pb & j at least twice a day.
* lots and lots of talk of disney land. someday gage, someday...
* late night movies with popcorn.
* wishing that our mountains weren't quite so far away.

it's been a fun summer for us! it started out busy busy and now we are just unwinding and making this last month drag on as long as we can. because soon we'll have a soccer playing kindergartener in our midst!


and i know it seems odd to talk about the summer heat and then jump to pom pom topped beanies...but so be it. here is another item that has been listed in my shop this week. i love them and can't wait for brisk enough weather to put some on my boys.

remember, free shipping until the end of the month, so now would be a great time to order for winter!

just click here if you'd like to take a look.

p.s. i will have a new little niece by the end of the week! i can't wait to meet her.

happy tuesday!

xoxo. ash


JDButler Family said...

:D Such a funny place to pick! Kids are so unpredictable.
We miss you guys...this week is interesting... With Marcus gone, now Burke is off to football camp til Sunday morning, Elsie & Emma are off to girl's camp til Friday!
Today is Bubba's birthday & Alisha came up unexpected throwing off everyone's plans with the little man...
Love you guys!!! Please send pictures of the Baby just incase Jamison & Monica don't. You my dear I fear have dethroned the "crochet queen" (; I will share a little tip for you that could prolong your needing glasses... get a pair of low maginification readers at dollar tree, like +100 or +125 if you are crocheting long. It strains your eyes & will put you in glasses early. I used to have excellent vision & the eye doctor says that is what did it.

Jessica said...

love those hats! you are so talented! i may have to get one for walker this fall.
our summer sounds a lot like yours. just relaxin, havin fun and easy going.
yay for otter pops and pools!

Kathie1213 said...

HI Ashley I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy reading your blog. Thank you for taking the time to share you family adventures and every day happenings. They may not seem like much to you but you write so well that I love to read about them and they bring a smile to my face! God Bless!

Janadt.Huggins said...

You are so talented! I think I need to order to awesome winter hats for my two blondies over here.