Friday, August 12, 2011

twenty six.

do you remember how i waited my whole life to turn twenty-five? well i did.

and then today i turned twenty-six. i guess i didn't put a whole lot of thought into the "after twenty-five" stage of my life. all i could think about today was how now i'm only four years from thirty. and when i'm thirty, gage will be "the nine year old" and little gare will be "the seven year old". and then i nearly had a panic attack.

but instead of freaking out i grabbed a few cookies, a glass of milk, a handful of fritos and a swig of root beer and sat down to how to lose a guy in ten days. i made it through the first twenty minutes before i fell asleep. like, comatose asleep. i woke up to two well napped boys poking at my face and the strong urge that i needed to go throw up.

hello twenty-six. and pregnant. with child number three.

now that should be a television show. it would be several times less depressing than what we're currently offered. humorous for sure and highly entertaining.

on a more serious note though, i am thankful to be twenty-six and to be where i am. before the hubby left for work this afternoon he and the boys took me out to lunch at olive garden. i was so proud when my boys finished all of their chicken and completely thrilled by their skills as they colored all over their place mats. i loved it when the hubby let me steal some of his fettuccine straight off of his plate and then we all devoured my raspberry cheesecake in about three minutes flat. except for blondie, he was still coloring. i loved thinking that i was the luckiest twenty-six year old there, surrounded by three handsome men who make me laugh so hard.

so hello twenty-six. please be good to me!

xoxo. ash


Lizzie said...

i didn't know you were having a baby #3?! if you said it in past blogs, sorry :(

anywho, happy birthday!!! and BTW, 30 has been my best year yet, no worries :)

Amber* said...

happy belated birthday ash! sounds like you had a great day!

Lacey said...

Glad you had a good day. And don't fret, you could be an old woman like me. 26 was good to me. I hope she's good to you, too.