Thursday, August 11, 2011

he had his breakfast in bed

happy thursday all.

i'm feeling a bit under the weather today. this morning i drug myself from bed to make the boys their pancakes and let them know i was alive. then i went back to hiding.

a few minutes later my little blondie boy joined me. with his breakfast. in nothing but his lightning mcqueen undies.

he's my little pal. he doesn't even mind that i look like something from a horror film.

i have the best boys. now if i can just teach them how to clean up their messes.


Jessica said...

i def remember those pregnant days where my bed was all i wanted. i would haul crayons and books and games up to my room and we would just hang out in there. feel better!:)

Nixie Fotos said...

Ahhh Sorry your under the weather. But amazingly your boys got pancakes!! Mine might have gotten a bowl of cold cereal!! love you!!