Wednesday, August 10, 2011

a quote and a print

i scribble all over everything i touch. i can't help myself. this has driven teachers, the hubby, employers and the like crazy for years. sorry guys. lately i've been trying to take my scribbles a little step further and play around in photoshop with them.

i'm sure learning a lot along the way and i have way too much fun. wayyy too much.

here's some of my mums in print form with a quote i love. i call them mums anyways...what would you say they are? i'm thinking of where i could put this. on my nightstand perhaps. we shall see.

but while i mull this one over, YOU have a great wednesday!

xoxo. ash


Lizzie said...

very pretty :} and yes, i would call them mums too, good job!

Lacey said...

Love it!