Monday, August 8, 2011

a happy monday to you

mondays and i have a rather complicated relationship.

i love that my week is new and my to-do list still seems attainable...but i drag coming out of my sunday mindset. sunday is my day of rest. we attend church and i try to limit myself to only what is necessary and try to fit in things that i don't get to on a regular basis. for example, letters to my missionary brother, loading up on old conference talks, games with my boys and the occasional batch of cookies. yesterday was coconut chocolate chip cookie day. yummy.

the boys had one fresh from the oven with milk right before bed last night. they don't normally get treats before bed so they thought that was pretty special.

i had a few this morning as i thumbed through my new country living magazine. it always feels a little like my birthday or something when they come.

and just because i loved how it turned out, i thought i would share the bunting that i made for baby girl's nursery. p.s. i also finished binding her quilt and i am in love. i can't wait for her to try it out!

i also worked on another nursery project last weekend that i'm not ready to share yet, but i did have some excess fabric and made this little pillow cover to put in the shop. i kind of understand the rage over chevron patterns now. love it!

what's your take on mondays? love them, hate them, don't really care either way.

i'm all ears!

xoxo. ash


Lacey said...

I love everything you make. That yellow chevron is great. They had some at Hancock a while back and I tried to figure out where I could work it in my house. When I went back a week later it was all gone and something new was in it's place. I still love it, though. Can't wait to see what else you've made for the nursery.

Lizzie said...

i've always liked mondays. now tuesdays i have issues with... :)