Friday, August 5, 2011

i had some fun this week

i took a break from crocheting this week and pulled out my sewing machine. i have a long list of projects that have been waiting for me. in the meantime i pulled out some fabrics and had a fun idea for a pillow using some crocheted flowers i had made a few weeks ago.

i think that it's perfect for the upcoming autumn season.

i love how it turned out and really thought about keeping it for myself. but alas! it's listed in my shop. and there's just the one so if you love it, go take a quick looksie!

happy weekend!


p.s. i had an ultrasound yesterday. it's still a girl! phew! and in case you're wondering i am twenty-six weeks along. i'm completely torn on if i want the next fourteen weeks to fly by or take their jolly sweet time.

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Kent Palmer Family said...

Do you do special orders? Maybe like a blue, dark n light. 4 of them? How much do you charge?