Wednesday, August 3, 2011

pretend rain

the hubs sleeping in after a long day of work and school.

some mornings i wake up to the sound of tip tapping on my window. so i hurry over and pull up the blinds, generally to be disappointed and realize that it's just the sprinklers. not rain.

i love rain and it's no secret. my favorite time of the year in arizona was monsoon season. it always hits about mid-july and carries through august. the beautiful thing about arizona rain is that rather than just up the mugginess, the temperature will drop and the air will seem perfectly clear and cool and crisp. at home i would turn off the air in the house and open all my windows and just let that beautiful mountain air run through each room. all the while we would get the full effect of the rain drops on the rocks and trees and porches. it's something that i miss terribly right now. i keep telling myself, just a few more months, just a few more months. the fall weather here is beautiful.

the five and three year olds however hold no favoritism to rain or sprinklers, mugginess or no mugginess. if there is water to be found, they are to be found in it. i came outside just in time to witness tilly be hoisted up to the soggy trampoline. she was having none of it. the boys thought it was funny how she hunkered down, scared out of her mind. with a bit of prodding from me, the fun crasher, we got her down and the boys ran wild and carefree in our make believe rain in our lovely, green, tree lined yard.

rain or no rain, it was still a pretty wonderful way to welcome in the morning.

just ask blondie here. i'm sure he'd agree.

happy wednesday!
and if you happen to live down our street, happy trash day as well. i really enjoy knowing that our stinky trash can is about to be emptied!

but maybe that's just me.

xoxo. ash

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Lizzie said...

i LOVE rain too. when my hubby and i lived in seattle for a year i was happy as a clam :) enjoy your summer!