Tuesday, August 2, 2011

my date with the five year old

the ever dreaded first day of kindergarten is encroaching upon our blissful summertime. as much as i like to pretend that our summer will be eternal, there's that darn "back to school list" and those overcrowded isles at every store that continue to rudely interrupt me and my fantasy world.

it makes me sad. sad for me. and sad for the three year old. and then sad for me again. i have to admit that for the five year old, i am grudgingly happy. i know he will love it! {most days} but boy will we miss him badly.

i'm not nearly prepared to fill his shoes. poor blondie is going to be beside himself.

but gage will have a blast.

that is what i tell myself.

so anyways, enough crying, today was our big shopping date! when i was getting ready this morning, the happy almost kinderboy pulled out my jewelery box and found this fancy butterfly ring. he won it for me several months ago from a twenty-five cent machine. so sweet that boy. he handed it to me and insisted that i wear it for our big date. so i did of course and with every poke i got from those sharp little antenna, i thought just how blessed i am to have this sweetheart of a boy all to myself. he is a treasure. and he loves me.

we topped off our fun day with sprinkles and a touch of ice-cream. as requested by my little brown haired wonder. and as you can see by his newly acquired, ultra cheesy smile, our date was a success! i love you little man of mine and hope that you will always think that mom is way cooler than kindergarten!


photos brought to you by my really terrible, completely unfancy camera phone. haha


Lacey said...

I'm tearing up.

Kathie1213 said...

Some lucky girl is gonna have herself a fine husband cuz a you!