Monday, August 1, 2011

some hot air balloon fun

what is the great balloon race you ask? well it is kind of a big-to-do around here. combine slews of hot air balloons, big bounce houses, ponies, barbeque, night time concerts and lots and lots of propane and you have yourself a genuine, one of a kind event. it takes place each july in the fair city of longview, texas.

this was obviously our first year to go and we had a great time. the hubby had to work so he couldn't enjoy the festivities with us. instead he has lots of pictures and two excited little boys to relay the evening's events.

we headed out sometime after six o'clock. it was still a sweltering ninety-seven degrees with a humidity level of saturating, but it didn't take long for us to forget our discomfort and get lost in the fun! our first stop was in kid land where we tried out just about every bounce house that we could. some even twice. from there it was the ponies. we couldn't miss the ponies! when your five-year-old's greatest ambition in life is to be a farmer and to ride lots of horses....well, you just don't skip over the ponies!

just before the sun was setting we got to watch all of the "fun shape" balloons take shape. the wells fargo wagon was by far the largest. it was pretty amazing to watch it come to life.

when mom said no to toys, all it took was one puppy dog look to grandma and they all three had themselves a top of the line light up sword.

{no eyes were poked out in the taking of this picture.}

gage and trenton braved the ladder while gare kept a close hold on my leg. champion skills i tell you!

more and more balloons took shape as the last shred of sun was in the sky.

this was the neatest part of the night. right after the national anthem was sung, the sports balloons filled up all around us. we experienced our first balloon glow and it was actually a lot neater than i imagined in my head.

the heat from each of the flames would feel so intense as they all lit up.

through all the noise of the crowds and the roaring of the torches i could hear gage saying over and over "i've never seen so many hot air balloons in all my life! this is the most awesome night ever!"

things like that make the money, the sweat, the dirty feet and waiting in lines all worth it.

oh to be five again!

thank you texas {and grandma broomall} for this one of a kind evening. we plan to see you next year!

xoxo. ash


Mary said...

They used to do a lot of hot air balloons up at Pinetop Lakes when we first moved here. I remember how Sarah's little tot jaw dropped (and mine too) when we experienced our first balloon glow. Amazing!

Kathie1213 said...

Thanks so much for sharing. Having never seen anything like this in my life I could feel the wonder of it all just like Gage. Oh; indeed, to be five again...