Tuesday, September 20, 2011

little surprises

the five-year-old was at school and the three-year-old was down for a nap when i walked in to find this wonderful parade of dinosaurs on the window sill. it made me want to wake up one boy and go whisk another boy from school and squeeze them until they just wouldn't let me anymore.

i love those two boys even more than they love dinosaurs! it's hard to imagine that one day i wont be finding these sweet little surprises around my home. thank goodness we still have a good handful of years left!

do you want to see the sweetest one-year-old photo shoot done by my very talented friend? i got to make the cake for it and thought it all turned out adorably. check it out here.

happy tuesday!

1 comment:

Karm said...

I know what you mean. I am dreading the days when I no longer can buy Cars or To Story themed toys and shorties.
That is a lovely cake.