Monday, September 26, 2011

what our saturdays look like

i'm not the type of mom that gets big into over-scheduling young children. but the hubby really wanted gage to get to play a sport this fall and the five-year-old really thought that soccer sounded fun, so we went for it!

it's been awesome to see the changes in gage's personality since he started back in august. his confidence has multiplied and multiplied with each game, and as a mother that is something that you love to watch.

he's had three games. two of which they won and one of which they were totally smoked. but you know the awesome thing about watching five-year-olds play sports? the game that they lost was his favorite by far! he thought it was just the greatest game of his little life, and who am i to argue with that?

oh and did i mention that he is number five? and five is the most wonderful number in the entire universe! when he was handed his jersey you would have thought he'd just won that darned frog game at chuck e. cheese and it was just spitting tickets at him! he was ecstatic!

and here is his number one fan!

this three-year-old loves watching his brother play but is very very excited for the day when he can jump in there with him. after last week's game we were all loading into the car and the hubs told gage "you did awesome! i'm so proud of you." to which garrett chirped in "and i'm so proud of you too gage!"

i'm so happy that my boys have each other.

congratulations number five on being such an awesome little dude!

xoxo. mom


Lacey said...

So fun! We can't wait to catch a game!!

Karm said...

He is so cute. I love watching little guys play. I am thinking next year my 3rd son will play soccer. I love when they play and have fun, I don't want them to be so competitive at such a young age. (: