Wednesday, September 7, 2011

nursery progress::crib blanket

i finally sewed a blanket for the crib. it's one of those things that i've been going over and over again in my mind. trying to think of the best way to tackle it. i finally decided on monday evening that i was just going to have to go for it. i was relieved when it turned out almost just as i had hoped. my inspiration was the nimbus jersey duvet cover from anthropology. i am in love with it!

now i'm just working on the fun and colorful pieces that i want to add. i still have quite a ways to go in that room but every little step feels like a huge accomplishment at this point. i can't wait to see it finished.

mostly though i just can't wait to meet our little girl. i have dreams about her almost nightly and it gets me so anxious. in my dreams she is the most beautiful little girl i have ever laid eyes on. which i know is exactly what i will say when she is born.

happy wednesday!



Lacey said...

I love it!!! She is a lucky girl. And she will be absolutely beautiful!!

Nathan and Toni Southam said...

So, I totally have that diver, and it white!!! Ganja! Of course I didn't make mine though! So cute!!! Great job!

Nathan and Toni Southam said...

Duvet not diver! Stupid iPhone!

Karm said...

that is so adorable. It came out amazing. I cannot wait for your "She's HERE!" post (: