Saturday, September 3, 2011

wait, where did you go august?

august was a real doozie. i dreaded it for months and then i blinked and it was gone. almost completely painless but full of change none the less.

with school in session and a three-year-old who wanted to go cavorting through town with his dad every day he could, i had some quiet time. lots of really quiet time. and it was strange, and nice and strange again.

and oh dear, august brought with her some of the most undesirable weather i have ever experienced. except for this day. august twenty-fourth. a freak wind storm came in and blew with it hundreds of leaves and eighty-five degree temperatures. it was pure bliss i tell you. blondie and i sat outside the school with our windows down just soaking it all in waiting for our school boy. the windows didn't even come up when the rain started falling. we just were loving it.

mother nature even threw the dog a bone. a twiggy bone. she went wild trying to conquer the fearsome thing.

we're still adjusting our internal settings to early mornings, early bedtimes and soccer practice on evenings when we'd rather just lounge around on the cool leather couches.

oh and we're close approaching the arrival of a little someone we like to call baby sister. ten weeks left and time is speeding right along. i can't decide if that's okay or not, so i'm just rolling with it.

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