Thursday, October 6, 2011

ushering in the new season

oh me oh my! the past few months have all but escaped me. even with this growing belly of mine, time has not stood still for even a moment. it's a funny sensation looking back on my first pregnancy. it felt like an eternity. the second felt like half of an eternity and this one, well, it's almost felt like less than a flash.

i've been busy finishing up final orders before i take off some time to get ready for this baby. the nursery is currently in shambles. it's a frightening mess! i've been working like crazy. but i did take this tuesday off and spent the day doing some much needed cleaning and decorating. i'm trying to channel in the feeling of fall since the weather here is still screaming summer to me.

it has helped. the five-year-old proclaimed upon his arrival from school tuesday afternoon, "now i can really believe that it's almost halloween!" he was over the moon excited for the decor to have made it out of our attic. which of course makes it all worth my while.

now i think some cookie baking is in order. pumpkin chocolate chip cookies anyone? i can't survive this season without them! and i may be biased but i think i have the most amazing recipe for them. maybe when my crochet is all done i'll take some time and share it with you.

in the meantime have a wonderful first week of october! and if you are living in my dear arizona mountains enjoying all that brisk weather and chance of snow...kindly think of me.

happy thursday!



Lacey said...

Love, love your decorations. And i was so bummed when I checked the weather this morning to find out we're back in the 90's for a few days. I think we need to speak to the man in charge. I love you, Texas but you're kinda killing me here. :-)

KaNdRa and JaReD said...

If I had only half as much creativity as you then I would be doing great! Love your decor and your boys are so cute:)

Karm said...

Your decorations are lovely and so festive.
haha your son is so cute.

Kathi said...

You have an amazing eye Ashley! I LOVE the decor!!! Very seasonal. It's cold here's offically feeling like fall!

Mary said...

We had our first snow today. And, yes, the air is quite chilly now!